Spanish Mustangs for Sale


Takoda Spanish Mustang Horses for Sale
We are looking for lifetime homes for these horses.  If you are looking for a project to move on at a later date then our horses are not for you.  A Spanish Mustang forms an incredibly strong bond with their owner and separation from you will be painful and confusing for them. You will be required to sign a contract (link to be added shortly) stating that you will be offering your foal a permanent home.  We understand that unforseen circumstances can happen and if so then we request first option for the horse to be returned to Takoda stud. Buyers will be screened for eligibility and experience to ensure a perfect match for both horse and person.  Enquiries are welcome at anytime about  purchase of our horses or foals and about future breedings.

We encourage buyers to visit their foal as much as possible before weaning.  This is a perfect time to setup a strong relationship with your new companion.  These horses will give everything for you once you have been accepted as theirs.  There are no words to adequately describe what it is like to be owned by a Spanish Mustang.  The experience is both unique and life changing.


  • Cazador Del Trueno x Grey Feather
  • Mature to at least 14.1hh
  • Zebra dun (colour test pending)
  • $8800 Gelding / $20000 Colt - Payment terms are available
Falcon is just the sweetest colt you will ever meet.  He can be a little shy at first but once he knows you he will follow you around eager to see what adventures may be in store.  He is an absolute dream to work with and is exceptionally intelligent.  He is also a real smooch and relishes in his daily grooming sessions.  Falcon has incredible ground covering movement and when he turns on the speed, none of the other horses can catch him.  Falcon would excel in a one on one working partnership with a person and I am now looking for his lifetime home. I would prefer he go to someone who has a desire to learn about the breed and work with him using positive training methods.  Spanish Mustangs bond strongly with their person and for this reason, I would like him to go to someone who will be able to keep him on the property with you.  Falcon will be registered with the Spanish Mustang Registry and he is eligible for registration in multiple other registries as well.  Payment terms are available to approved applicants.  If you have an interest in Falcon, please feel free to contact Kirsty at or phone 0458 040 878. Visit his page for more photos


We are expecting two foals by Neosho this year.  Both foals are being offered for sale. 

Neosho x Sienna (Australian Brumby)
  • Expected height between 14.3hh to 15hh
  • DOB August 2014
  • Grulla, bay dun, bay, black
  • Expressions of interest welcome
This cross has produced two foals so far each with lovely temperaments.  The expected foal will have the benefit of being raised in a family group with both her mother and father.   I find this sort of upbringing to be of great benefit to the foal setting them up with confidence for their life ahead.   We do not wean our foals, instead allowing their mothers to do so.  This foal is offered for sale to the right home that believes in setting up a lifelong relationship with their horse.  Please feel free to email or phone Kirsty on 0458 040 878 for more information.


Neosho x Sienna 2013 grulla filly 'Willow'

  • Expected height approximately 15hh
  • DOB August 2014
  • Possible colours Buckskin dun, bay dun, grulla, smokey grulla, bay, smokey black, black
  • Expressions of interest welcome
This cross will produce a horse that will benefit highly from a one on one working relationship with their person.  Scouts foals bond very strongly and have a real desire for a varied and interesting lifestyle.  They are fearless and bold when out and about and can be very protective of their person. I would expect this foal to have lots of bone, a short strong back, elegant movement and a terrific nature not unlike our 2012 filly Kihelakayo from this breeding.  If you are looking for a purebred Spanish Mustang that will be able to tackle any discipline with ease and bond strongly with you if treated with respect, then this cross is for you.  These bloodlines combine the best in temperament, type and versatility. 

Please email any questions to or phone 0458 040 878.  We are looking for the perfect match of personalities between people and our horses.

Neosho x Indian Scout 2012, bay rabicano filly, "Kihelakayo" 21 months old


Importation of Spanish Mustangs

Selecting and importing a Spanish Mustang can be a hugely expensive and somewhat daunting task.  I have researched the bloodlines of the Spanish Mustang for 10 years now and have a number of high quality Spanish Mustangs of rare bloodlines reserved in the USA.  If you are looking for a high quality mare or stallion to import, I am happy to assist you in anyway I can.  If you are interested in securing one of these exceptional horses then please feel free to contact me to discuss the importation process further.  The flight cost to Australia is currently around $20000.  Add to that vet fees, road transport and tax costs, the import process generally will end up costing around $30000.  I would recommend importing a mare in foal if possible and preferably from bloodlines unrelated to the lines we already have in Australia.  The Spanish Mustang is a critically endangered breed so it is very important to select quality bloodlines to ensure the future of the breed in Australia and worldwide.  I am very happy to offer assistance in anyway I can to people seriously considering importing.