Willowvale Spanish Mustangs Foals

All our foals are raised in a loving and empowering environment.  Their natural personalities are encouraged and their mothers wean them when they are ready thus  ensuring the foals enter adulthood with confidence.   Our colts tend to show great interest in our bachelor herd which consists of stallion Neosho, colt Willowvale Shooting Star and gelding Willowvale Desert Falcon.  The colts are invited to spend more time with the boys and they eventually transfer over to that herd permanently. 

All purebred foals are sold registered with the Spanish Mustang Registry.  They are also eligible for registration with the HOA (Horses of America), AIHR (American Indian Horse Registry), AHHA (American Heritage Horse Association) and the SBHA (Spansih Barb Horse Association).  Foals are sold microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and with an information pack to advise people about how to handle their new foal and information on the care of this rare breed.  Foals are taught to lead, tie up, trim, float load and will be exposed to new experiences before they go to their new home.

Inquiries are welcome at any time about future breeding's from our herd.

Neosho, foundation stallion at Willowvale Spanish Mustangs, gently grooms his son Arrow