Takoda's Desert Falcon is an absolutely beautiful zebra dun colt out of our stunning mare Grey Feather and stallion Cazador Del Trueno.  Falcon is like his dam in every way - elegant, beautiful and very soft and sensitive in nature.  He is extremely quick on his feet and has jaw dropping movement.  Falcon has been gelded and is looking for his life home.  If you are interested in this stunning boy, please feel free to contact us.

Takodas Shooting Star

DOB: 28 September 2013
Sire: Cazador Del Trueno
Dam: Scouts Honour
Colour: Bay War Bonnet/Medicine Hat
Expected Height: 14.3 - 15hh

Takodas Shooting Star is a rare war bonnet colt with wonderful conformation and an incredible personality.  Star is our first foal from resident stallion Cazador Del Trueno out of our mare Scouts Honour.  He is a bold and fearless colt showing his sires war horse spirit already.  This colt is really something very special and we couldn't be more thrilled with him.  He will be retained for now to see how he matures.

Takoda's Willow

DOB: 5 June 2013
Sire: Neosho (Azor x Lonesome Prairie)
Dam: Sienna (Australian Brumby mare)
Colour: Grulla (black dun)
Expected Height: 15hh

Takoda's Willow is an extremely well put together filly with a sweet, gentle and outgoing personality.  She has inherited the masses of bone that her sire passes on to his foals and she is a very strong, healthy filly.  She is extremely intelligent and quick to learn new things.  Willow is a good indication of the strength of the Spanish Mustang genetics when outcrossed to other breeds.  Neosho certainly leaves his stamp on his foals in their looks and temperament.  We couldn't be happier with this perfect, little filly.


Born to a week of rain as all Sienna's foals have been in the past. Willow didn't seem to mind at all. She is a strong, solid and beautifully balanced filly.